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As a teacher, you know firsthand that students often respond to experiential and interactive learning methods, not to mention they often remember these lessons more vividly. Regurgitating information from a textbook might be today’s prevailing academic model, but you understand that students are more likely to absorb this information when they recognize the real-world applications.

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How to survive school stress

Totally agree with this article! I am sharing this because it reintroduced me to flashcards. As a school going kid, I used to create numerous flashcards for quick learning and memorizing important facts. But over the years, I have forgotten about the power of flashcards.Now that I have opened my eyes towards flashcards, I would love to incorporate flashcards in my teaching in future!

School is coming and it’s closer every day, for some of you it has already started. I’m still enjoying my summer, but it won’t last for much longer. This year I’m changing my school, which means homework, tons of stress and new people on top of that. I don’t know about you, but I think […]

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Avid Readers: An Endangered Species–UPDATED — Stately McDaniel Manor

I came across this article, written in May of 2016, today and thought it might, once again, be worth your time. In this week’s forum, we’re discussing whether it is possible for America to be united again. Unfortunately, much of the public school system is controlled by Progressives. This means the little reading kids do […]

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Cartoon of the Day – Essay Writing in the age of Social Media!


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This cartoon sketch reminds me of the problems every English teacher faces at the start of the school year. Social Media has become such an integral part of students’ life that it is becoming difficult to make them concentrate on essay writing. That is why encourage my students to write on their Social Media accounts and maintain blogs. Gone are the days when essays were written with pen and paper. With the advancement of digital world, it is time we make essay writing assignments as an online exercise.