Teaching EFL through board games

I love playing games. My students love playing games. You can learn a lot by playing games and it is so much fun. It is a total win-win and what is best, it doesn’t require any preparation. You just grab the game and off you go, revising vocabulary, improving communication skills, fostering team spirit and […]

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5 things to consider before making Edtech purchases

Edtech is a multi-billion dollar business. Edtech purchases have increased 5 times over the past five years. However, are these purchases actually doing students any good where it counts? Are they actually benefitting students in the classroom? As a technology in schools advocate, I urge all educators to carefully research and purchase devices and programs […]

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How Social Media can affect your College Application

We’ve heard that social media can affect a person’s employment status…potential employers do background checks and find questionable content on the internet. But how about it affecting a student trying to get into college? Surveys show college admissions officers looking at a student’s character as one important component for a qualified candidate, and what better […]

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