Don’t Just Write an Essay, Own It

Writing a good essay is not exactly a walk in the park. But then, neither is it as dreadful as hiking in the mountains!  With proper know-how and a little planning, writing can be smooth sailing.  As for the know-how, there are certain guidelines you should know and follow on how to write a great essay. 

There are different types of essays with varying formats and styles. However, the fundamentals remain the same for all types. Following are some basic things-to-remember before you begin:


If you are writing on a topic of your choice, choose something  you’re comfortable with. That way, your writing will reflect your confidence. If you’ve to work on an assigned topic, you must resort to research. Look up on the internet or read books with similar essays, which will help you come up with a topic outline.  

When the outline is ready, you’re all set to begin writing.

Title and Hook

Hit a homerun with a catchy title and captivating hook. Your first and the best chance to grab your reader’s attention is always at the very beginning.  


Gaining attention is one thing and retaining it is another thing altogether. The challenging part of writing an essay or any other assignment, is to express complicated ideas in a simple and straightforward manner. To keep your readers hooked, make sure your writing is well organized and structured.  

A typical essay:   

  • begins with a brief generic paragraph that introduces the topic. Remember that well begun is half done.
  • explores details in the midsection. The body consists two to three paragraphs, which are not verbose. All details, including argument, persuasion, narration, etc. should be included in this section.  
  • ends in conclusion. Again, one brief paragraph that sums up your thoughts is all you’ll need to wrap up.  


Heed to Hemingway’s advice and cut out the ornamentation. Wordsmith you may be, but when it comes to conveying your thoughts, you’re better off keeping it simple. Read a lot before you write and read what you have written to minimize grammar and punctuation errors. Don’t blindly trust the spell checker. Proofread it not once but twice, if you will.

Add finishing touches and check for last-minute edits, if necessary.  

Further, to make your essay attractive check these tips out:  

  • Use active voice to keep sentences short. Short sentences are easy to read.
  • Avoid being abstract or superficial; be specific.  
  • Reiterate your ideas by summarizing them in the conclusion paragraph.
  • Don’t use expletives or offensive language.  
  • Be original, because the consequences of plagiarism are rather serious.  
  • Seek help when in doubt and don’t have any assumption whatsoever.  
  • Write, proofread, rewrite.
  • Take essays seriously. If you do, you’ll become a better writer, which will help you write great term and research papers.  

Remember, simplifying a piece of writing need not always be a complicated affair.  

Get the basics right and write away!  


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