Want to succeed? Master the art of storytelling!

I know what you are thinking. Who doesn’t want to succeed? Despite facing failures time and again, I guess no one intentionally wants to fail in their endeavors.  While you might have heard that failures are stepping stones to success, no one can deny that the taste of success is sweet.

So if you want to improve your chances to succeed, here’s what you need to do. Master the art of storytelling. Alright, go ahead and scoff at what I just said. BUT, believe it or not, people who are excellent at putting an interesting spin on things using the art of storytelling, more often than not emerge as winners.

If you thought the art of storytelling is something which just authors, filmmakers and theatre artist should worry about, then you are wrong. From advertising to politics to education, the art of storytelling and coming up with interesting anecdotes can work wonders for you in all walks of life. Be it a sales pitch or election speech or teaching quantum physics, the person who manages to drive home the point without boring his or her audience succeeds.  And the reason why I stress the importance on stories and examples is that it livens up the proceedings and can serve as a great ice breaker between you and your audience.

You want to sell that product, chuck the regular tedious approach of recounting its features and try coming up with some interesting anecdotes that will support your product’s image.  You are delivering valedictorian’s speech at the graduation day, try expressing yourself with funny, heartfelt stories from your campus life. Want to write an essay, but want it to be one helluva read? Try to explain your subject through a story.

The bottom line is that we are not rock stars or movie stars. Most of us lead a normal life, which can tend to get monotonous and boring at some point of time. So, if you can kill that monotony by putting up a great show, more often than not you would succeed. And great storytelling skills would help you in putting up a great show. I hope you got my point!

I will be back soon with my next blog highlighting the key steps to become a master storyteller!



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