4 Ways to Make Your Youtube Video Go Viral

Gone are the days when the word ‘viral’ was just associated with terms like fever and infection. With the boom of internet and social media, viral videos have become the next big thing in the virtual world.

I am sure most of us internet junkies know what a viral video is. And for those who aren’t aware, viral videos are the videos which strike a chord with millions on netizens, captivating their imagination and making them want to instantly like and share it on social media. While no one knows if a video might go viral or not, there are four simple ways to boost the chances of your video breaking the internet.

Are you eager to know how to make your video rule the internet? This four step Bible for viral video creators will take your video a long way!

Short. Simple. Entertaining

We live in a busy world, where often even 24 hours seem not enough to fit in all the plans we have in mind for the day. No one has the time to watch a ‘long-ass’ video on the internet. So, the key is to keep it short, crisp and to the point. Make sure your video doesn’t take more than 2-4 minutes of the viewers’ precious time. Avoid going overboard with complex ideas as it will just confuse and bore your audience. Keep it simple and entertaining. Tell a story through your video. Capture a journey. Evoke an emotion. Leave your audience in awe. Remember, nothing’s more entertaining than a great story.


Now that you have an amazing video in place, what’s the next step? Upload it on Youtube, right? Hit the brakes there speedy! Have you spent time in coming up with THE viral title? If the answer is no, then it is time to put on the thinking cap and decide the title that will help your video go viral. Believe it or not, the title plays a huge role in making or breaking of a viral video. In order to choose the apt title, first of all you need to know your target audience. Once you know that, you need to use the key word that’s searched quite often by your target audience. Incorporate the key words and make your title sound cool and trendy. Remember, you will have a winning video only when you have a winning title.

Promote it like there is no tomorrow

Youtube is undoubtedly the most viewed video repository and it gives a great platform for everyone to showcase their videos. Therefore, sharing your video on Youtube is an absolute must. But most of us just stop there and hope for a divine intervention to make it go viral. If you seriously want your video to break the internet, then you should share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and video platforms like Vimeo. Don’t shy away from promoting your video. Ask every single person in your friend list to like and share it. Contact people with large number of online followers and ask them to share. Do online press. Opt for a paid promotion on Facebook. Contact bloggers and writers who can cover your video and increase the traffic instead.

Hit when the iron is hot

Last, but not the least is timing your video promotion. While it is a no brainer that a video needs to be marketed like crazy within first 24 hours of uploading it on Youtube, it is necessary to understand the perfect time to upload it. Most people check out Youtube video when they are at work. So, avoid publishing your videos on weekends and holidays. Upload and promote your video on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. This gives your video a chance to grow over the week and hopefully turn into a viral video which everyone is talking about. Make sure that you upload the video on a slow day when there is nothing much happening, as a big incident might just eat up your video’s viewership.


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