How to Write An Awesome College Application Essay Without Stress — Queer College

When applying to college, you’ll usually be asked to write an application essay. Most admissions essays usually ask you to respond to some form of prompt. You might be asked to describe a personal accomplishment or a goal you’re working towards. The point of an application essay is for your prospective college to get an idea […]

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3 Benefits of Being an English Major — Musings of Eden

1. So you’re going to be a teacher… While English majors can teach, they can also go into journalism, law, medical, or business school, publishing, marketing, and more. Wherever there is English being written or spoken, the English major has you covered. Someone writes those instruction manuals on the new iPhone 6 you bought that […]

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Anyone can teach it

Compute It Simple

Do you want to know what shocked me the most when I started teaching in a High School? It wasn’t the workload (although that was, indeed, profoundly shocking, and still is over 5 years later). It wasn’t the intensity. It certainly wasn’t the students – they often startle me but rarely shock (try harder, people!).

It was the casual acceptance of teachers teaching subjects they aren’t qualified to teach.

This is normal.

This is an accepted fact of life.

This is SO VERY WRONG. Here’s how it happens: Funding. We don’t have enough. Not nearly enough. And because of that funding squeeze, schools can only afford to hire precisely as many teacher bodies as they have teaching slots to fill. This means that someone who is hired to teach, say, English, may also wind up teaching Science, simply because there was one science slot to fill and only the English…

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How to Write a Personal Statement — The Write DIRECTION

You’re finally a senior! (or will be one soon!) While everyone will tell you this is the time of your life, you’re also probably too overwhelmed with the dreaded college application process to enjoy your newly minted status as big man on campus. The pressure is on to craft a memorable, concise, knock-your-socks-off personal statement […]

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5 Highly Effective Teaching Practices — teflgeek

Earlier this year, a piece from the Edutopia website was doing the rounds under the title “5 highly effective teaching practices”. I automatically question pieces like this as I doubt somewhat whether the purpose of the piece is actually to raise standards in the profession and develop teachers – or whether it is simply to […]

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