College Guide:How foreign students can adapt to American culture?

With the exponential boom of education sector in the country, not just the textbook prices but also the number of foreign students landing at US for higher studies has risen considerably.

Though our nation is quite open to embracing different cultures from around the world, most foreign students find it difficult to adjust to our American culture. While interacting with the American student community, a lot of overseas students experience culture shock. After the initial feeling of being alienated, students from abroad, slowly but steadily come in terms with American culture.

If you are a foreign student, your obvious question would be how to adjust to life in America. Recently, I came across this enlightening post which talks about ways for overseas students to adapt to American culture.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to experience, understand and adapt American culture:

  1. When in America, eat like an American.Be open to trying different kinds of food, as food forms an essential part of our culture. By experiencing American food, you are also getting a vivid picture of American culture.
  2.  Be aware of what fellow Americans are reading, watching and talking about. Right from books to music to movies to politics, be in sync with what US as a nation is tuned into currently. American media is a reflection of our society.
  3. Express yourself. We, Americans, love to form opinions and express our views firmly on just about anything and everything under the sun. Americans value confidence and admire public speaking.  Share and discuss your opinions with fellow students, but make sure you are not offensive or hurtful to American sentiments while you are at it.

Adjusting to life in America can be overwhelming. But with perfect guidance, exploring the American culture can be a fun experience.



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