Why should I write an essay?

Today, I will address one of the important questions that confounds most of the student community. Taking into account the amount of emphasis on essay writing in  our education system, I am sure every student would have wondered out loud about the importance of essays at some point of their educational journey. While some students manage to understand the point behind essay writing, many kids are baffled and frustrated as to why they are bombarded with incessant army of essays.

So why should you write an essay? Many would say,” Duh, to get good grades!”. But there is much more to essay writing than just grades. Here are 5 major things a student can learn by writing essays:

Critical/Logical thinking

One of the biggest reasons why American educational system is hell bent on essay writing is that it invokes the quality of critical thinking and logical reasoning in students. By writing essays on varied controversial topics, students learn the important skill of decision making backed by rational thinking.

Structuring an argument

In our day to day lives, we often argue and debate on various things, but only the person who manages to make sense wins an argument. Essay writing helps students to structure their arguments, making them experts in reasoning their side of the story by backing with reasonable proofs and facts.

Better understanding of the subject

Believe it or not, writing essays are of the best ways to attain deeper understanding of a subject. While research work for writing an essay gives you a sound understanding of the subject, putting your thoughts on paper will only etch the topic deep into your mind.

Preparing for Real Life

Diligence, rational thinking and  handling criticism are a few qualities which a student learns by writing essays over a period of time. These qualities will only help the kids to face the real world.

Improving writing skills

And the most obvious reason for writing essays is that it gradually improves your writing skills. You learn the tricks of the trade and constantly better your writing style by learning from your past mistakes.

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