Why do students hate writing essays?

‘I love essay writing’, said no student ever. Okay, I agree that my statement might be an exaggeration, but more often than not I have found students not too keen on writing essays. While a small percentage of kids might like writing essays, the truth is that majority of students loathe essay writing.

So why do students hate writing essays? I conducted a survey in my class, asking my students the very same question. And this is what I found out:


Nearly 50% of my class finds essay writing a boring exercise. 25% of my students complained about the amount of time it takes to write an essay. 15% of kids claimed that extensive research required to write an essay bums them the most. And the remaining 10% called the whole essay writing exercise futile.

Now that we, teachers, know why there is a strong dislike towards essay writing among students, I wonder what the teaching community suggests to deal with students’ negativity towards writing essays.

It would be great if my fellow teachers could give me tips to make the whole essay writing exercise a joyful experience!


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