Why flipped classroom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea?

Ever since I stumbled upon the phenomenon called flipped classroom, I have been itching to give it a try. 

While I am game for integrating technology in teaching, I was a little skeptical about flipped classrooms. ‘To flip or not to flip’ was the question that plagued my mind as I wondered whether flipped classrooms will truly benefit my students as it defies the norms of classical teaching. After much deliberation, and a glowing recommendation of this process by a fellow colleague, I recently embraced flipped classroom for the very first time.

But sadly, the results were not very encouraging.While a flipped classroom sounds fun and interesting, I had to face a hell lot of unforeseen hardships that made me wonder if it is truly worth it. The biggest problem that I faced was coming up with an interesting video lesson that would keep my students engaged. I think I am better teacher when I make eye contact with my students. With no audience in front of me, staring at the camera and trying to teach was tough. I realized I am not a video expert and would need a lot of practice to come up with a semi decent video lesson.

While my shortcomings in front of camera is just one side of the story, I never really know how much a student has actually understood by watching the video. Tests, activities assignments don’t show the complete picture of one’s understanding. There are some things that are best understood when discussed in person.  After my not-so-good experience, I searched online to see what other teachers had to say about flipped classrooms and was surprised to see quite a few teachers going through similar problems with this process. I recently read this article which had put the pros and cons of flipped classrooms in a nutshell.

I know that flipped classrooms can be beneficial to students as they can learn at their own pace, I felt that it is not my cup of tea. Though I wouldn’t call my experiment with flipped classroom a disaster, I learned I have a long way to go if I wish to master this style of teaching. Would I give flipped classroom an another try? Sure, but not in near future!



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