5 creative writing tips to help you write great essays!

The moment of truth has finally arrived. I might have been lecturing on how to  write essays to my students in the past ( and would continue to do so in future), but today I accept that I sucked in essay writing when I was in high school.

That’s right! I am no Chuck Norris when it comes to essays. But then I was introduced to the world of creative writing and it made a whole lot of difference to my essays. Considering how different the two styles of writing are, you might wonder how can creative writing impact your essay writing skills.

As it turns out, despite their differences, the two types of writing have few striking similarities. Today, we will take a look at few tips of creative writing that you should imbibe in your essay writing as well:

Know your audience

The first and foremost technique of succeeding in creative writing is knowing your audience. When I say ‘Know Your Audience‘, it doesn’t just mean identifying the people who would be interested reading your work. Understanding what the reader wants, how to captivate your reader and who are your competition are the basics of creative writing. If you draw an analogy to essay writing, we all know that teachers are our audience. But it is also important to understand what the teacher is looking for in an essay and how you can excel in essay writing by figuring out how to grab the teacher’s attention besides tons of essays from fellow students. If you stay away from cliches, writing the essay with a refreshing point of view, surprising the teacher, you are most likely to get an A.

ACT 1 2 3

Be it novel, screenplay or a script, any form of creative writing follows the three act structure of set up, conflict arisen and conflict resolution. Similarly, an essay should have an intro, the argument or thesis statement and conclusion. How you prove your argument by stating facts and logic is strikingly similar to how the protagonist of a story resolves his problem. Following this three act structure will make your essay look organized and appealing.

Title and Opening

A book’s title and its first couple of pages play a major role in the success or failure of the book.  Drawing parallels from the above statement, I want to state the importance of the intro lines of an essay. The first line of your essay has to be catchy and should grab the attention of the teacher instantly. Just like the opening page of the book, the intro line of an essay decides whether the teacher will read your entire essay or bounce off to your competitors’ essay.

Proof Reading

Reading, re-reading and editing your work is an essential skill in creative writing. It requires a lot of patience and clear understanding about the flow of the narration. Similarly, proof reading your essays before submitting is crucial as it helps you in bettering your write up. Cutting and chopping what’s unnecessary while keeping the soul of the essay intact is a skill you would want to imbibe from creative writing.

Note down ideas

Brilliant ideas often come unannounced. And if you don’t note them down immediately, they quickly disappear in the thick fog of your thoughts.Keeping a journal to note down ideas as and when they come is essential for creative writers. Since a brilliant spark of an idea can hugely benefit your essay, it is a great advice to keep a journal handy to scribble down the idea.

Thanks to my tryst with creative writing, I learned how to come up with great essays!




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