7 Keys To Write A Successful College Admission Essay!

The tradition of writing essays for college admissions has been there for long. Thousands of students grapple with admission essays every year, trying to dish out that winning essay that would get them through.

In this day and age of technology and internet, one can find many articles that give out tips on how to write a college essay. And yet, I am surprised at the number of students who come up to me looking for guidance with their college essays.

While we will discuss the importance of college essays some other day, today I will share my pearls of wisdom on writing college admission essays Here’s Ethan’s 7 step approach of writing a college essay:

Write on topics that matter to you

A lot students have no clue on what topic to write about. So, they follow the norm of writing essay on serious issues like climate change, poverty, world hunger, politics etc. Now, it is a dangerous precedent as it will never let you uncover your potential and make you sound like a robot. Choose topics that you are passionate about and pour your heat out. By writing essays on topics that you can relate with, you are making an impression of your personality on the minds of college admission officers.

Be original

Often, in an attempt to sound intelligent, most students try to pass off other’s opinion as their own. But, sadly it doesn’t work as the lack of belief in your writing gives you away. Always be original. It is okay if your beliefs and views are different. Learn to embrace them and see the magic of your beliefs transcend into your writing. So squeeze your brain and come up with your own views instead of blindly following the “intelligent” crowd.

Personalize it

Your essay should give the admission officers a glimpse of who you are. So my advice to students is to personalize your essays to maximum extent. Be brave and write about personal topics and experiences that have made you who you are. By personalizing your admission essay you are projecting an honest picture of yourself, which most colleges love to see.

Be rational

Every time you make a claim in your essay, make sure you support it with proofs and facts. Most colleges look for rational thinkers who have a clear thought process based on reasoning and those who do not hold any prejudice.

Be precise

It is important to understand that the admission officers receive thousands and thousands of application essays. So they have very little time to go through each essay. Make sure your essay is crisp, precise yet impactful. If you  ramble on and on, the admission officer will soon lose patience and will bounce off to next application.

Edit meticulously 

Once you have finished the first draft of your essay, read, re-read and make necessary changes to make the essay look coherent. Look out for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and structural errors by meticulously editing your essay till it becomes perfect.

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Never lie about your credentials and your achievements no matter how small they are. If you lie, it will reflect in your writing and it will in turn reduce the impact of your essay.

There you go. It is my simple but successful theory to write a successful college essay.










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