Why just teach when you can RAP?

One of the biggest challenges faced by each and every teacher is coming up with fun, innovative ways to infuse life in a boring classroom session. While traditional teaching methods cannot be disposed, more and more educators are willing to try new ways to spice up the lessons.

One such method of increasing attentiveness and student interaction in class is using music as a tool of teaching. When students are in kindergarten, music plays a great role in effective learning of alphabets, numbers and nursery rhymes. But as the kids grow and subjects start becoming complex, the fun element from learning goes missing.

Recently, when I was browsing through Youtube I watched a reaction video titled ‘Elders React to Epic Rap Battle of History‘, and it struck me that rap can become an interesting learning medium. A lot of teenagers are hooked to Hip Hop music, and using rap to actually teach lessons can be a very innovative way of learning. I feel that Epic Rap Battles of History can be a great way to rouse the interest of students towards history. Of course, you would need to beep the explicit words which are quite common in rap music.

And if you are not comfortable with the idea of teaching history through Epic Rap Battle videos, you can always come up with a clean rap of your to invoke student’s interest in history. And not just history, educators can make even  Chemistry, Math and English lessons super fun with the help of hip hop music. Although, I am unaware if someone has actually tried using rap as a teaching medium, it definitely is one area of innovative teaching that needs to be explored.

I think time has come that parents and teaching community look at rap music in a different light. I bid goodbye for today with these lines:

Why bore students to take a nap?

Why just teach when you can actually rap?



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