How to Write a Good Essay: Guidelines and Tips for College Students

Writing, like any other art form, combines knowledge, passion and skill. Authors, playwrights and even common people resort to writing as a form of expression. In order to test an individual’s writing skills, logical reasoning and knowledge of a particular subject, a tool called essay was devised.

Right from primary school to post graduation, students all over the world have to deal with essays. While some have a natural flair for writing amazing essays, most of them often struggle to crack the formula for writing a decent essay. Recently, a college student struggling with essays came with a rather simple question. How to write a good essay? I realized a lot of students simply write an essay with no real thought to it. Instead of sleepwalking into yet another essay, take a look at these tips that will help you write a good essay:

Research is the key

Before you start writing an essay, make sure that you have gathered enough knowledge about the subject of the essay. Don’t jump into writing as soon as the topic is given. A thorough research on the topic will not only clear all the doubts and assumptions in your head but will also give you more points to write about, making your essay look rich and meaty with facts.

Plan it before you pen it

Writing a good essay might not be rocket science, but it still requires some amount of planning before you put your thoughts to words. Ideally, every essay should have an introduction of the subject, followed by the core idea of the essay and an observation derived from the essay to conclude. Make a mental note of all the points and arguments, and make sure that they are articulated well in a logical manner. Planning gives you a detailed guideline to write a good essay.

Be original

Even though researching on a topic before writing an essay is a good practice, one should avoid falling prey to plagiarism. Research and analysis will introduce you to cool ideas, but make sure that you are not copying those ideas. Apply your own understanding to come up with interesting derivations from those ideas. While the internet is filled with a lot of wonderful ideas and impressive word plays, tempting you to use them, don’t forget that at the end of the day, being original counts.

Be a Grammar – Nazi

The most important tip to write a good essay is to ensure that your work is grammatically flawless. You might have covered a lot of groundbreaking points in your essay, but all that will go down the drain if your essay has punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. So once you are done writing, read and re-read your article several times to eradicate errors.   

Writing a good essay is a learning process. You get better at it with practice. Follow the above mentioned steps religiously and you will see the results.


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