How to safeguard teens from Game of Thrones mania?

The new season of Game Of Thrones is out and is catching steam with every new episode. Just like me, millions of adults all across the globe are hooked to this show thanks to some awesome characters, complex yet compelling story telling, engaging screenplay, time travel and dragons. 

But HBO’s show has been termed unsuitable for kids and teens due to graphic violence, sex scenes, nudity and generous usage of profanities. With the show’s popularity going off the charts and social media filled with GOT gossip, I know how hard it must be for parents to keep their children off this GOT mania.

So what’s the best way to safeguard your teenage kids from Game Of Thrones? You can try two methods. You can either put parental control on TV and internet at home. forbidding them from  watching the show, spying on your kids 24X7 or you can sit down and talk to them about your concerns regarding the show.

If you take the first approach ie exercising parental control and forbidding them from watching the show, it will get the teens even more excited about GOT. Teens are rebellious in nature thanks to their transformation from adolescents to adults. If you tell them not to do something, it will only nudge them towards trying it. Teens enjoy the excitement of doing things that is forbidden. If you order your teen to stay away from GOT, he or she will find ways of watching the show. With teens exposed to so much social interactions, it won’t be too hard for them to get their hands on GOT.

I, personally, advice all parents and teachers to opt for the second approach of talking about GOT to the teens. One thing which teenagers hate is being treated as a kid. If you try to keep them in bounds, they are more likely to rebel. But if you treat them like young adults and show faith in their maturity, you would be surprised how their behavior changes for the good. Instead of deeming the show unsuitable for teens, sit down and have an adult discussion about GOT with your teens. Let them know about your concerns regarding the show. Let them know about the good and bad of the show. Explain it to them how you fear that it would leave a wrong impression in their minds. And at last, leave it to them if they want to watch it or not. Once you treat them like adults and communicate with them effectively, you would be astounded to see how mature and responsible teens can be. Once this discussion is done and you let your kids know that the choice is theirs, teens may not have the uncontrollable urge to watch the show. And even if they watch it, they would know the pros and cons of GOT at the back of their mind and wouldn’t let the show affect them so much.

I choose to discuss this topic of safeguarding children against adult content in media by citing the example of Game of Thrones. I hope that my  post helps parents to deal with such tricky topics.


2 thoughts on “How to safeguard teens from Game of Thrones mania?

  1. You’re a fool if you think that any boy over 11 isn’t watching this show. There is no way you can stop a kid from downloading it from any number of places and watching it anywhere on any device.


    1. Thank you for sharing your views. I never mentioned that kids are not watching the show. As you said, Game of Thrones is extremely popular and easily accessible. The main motive of this post is to address to the parents who forbid their children from watching the show and find ways to exercise parental control. And given the teen mentality to defy authority, they get attracted to things that have been forbidden. Since this exercise is pointless, it is better if parents talked to kids about their concerns, guide them about what’s right and what’s wrong, and let them watch the show if they wish to do so.


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