3 raging topics that teachers need to discuss with students!

It has been quiet few weeks in the teaching world with summer break providing much needed time for students as well as teachers to unwind. But all is not that hunky dory otherwise thanks to heated arguments and countless debates on various topics in the wake of Orlando mass shooting has shocked the world.

A lot has been spoken about the tragic incident and I am sure even the students might have been influenced by all that is being said and reported on national media.  With next academic year right around the corner, I believe teachers have a huge responsibility to discuss with middle school students about the 4 raging topics that have engulfed our nation in the aftermath of Orlando shootings.

One of the biggest challenges a teacher would face under such circumstances is to create a positive influence by teaching what’s right backed by facts and logic. It is essential not letting a bias against someone or something clouding your judgement as it can have a negative impact on students’ mind.


One of the biggest issues that came to the fore in past few weeks is the hatred against the homosexual community. As a teacher, you need to start a dialogue with your students to know what they actually think about homosexuality. And if you find any negative  prejudice creeping into the psyche of the students, step in and squash the root cause of homophobia which is nothing but the fear of people who don’t fall into the society generated norms of sexuality. With the help of compassion and scientific proof, we teachers could eradicate homophobia from the minds of the young ones.

Terrorism and Islam

There has been a lot of noise about ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ with people turning against Islam and Muslim community for the horrendous acts committed by few religious fanatics. Since students’ have impressionable minds they are bound to pick up the trait of blaming Islam for terrorism by observing their elders. As a teacher, it is important to protect children from such religious hatred by reasoning with them. Teachers need to teach their students to respect every religion and not to hate an innocent person based on his/her religious inclination. Teachers must impregnate the thought in their students that every Muslim should not be hated and held accountable for the acts of few radical terrorists. After all, teachers need to perpetrate compassion and not hatred.

Gun Control

Time and again, the discussion of banning guns has erupted in American politics. After the Orlando attack, there has been some serious questions raised against National Rifle Association about the easy accessibility of assault rifles to common man. While the population of America is divided about gun control, it is important to gauge what the students feel about this issue. As a teacher, you need to lay down all the facts and figures on the table, and explain pros and cons of gun control. In the end, let the kids form their opinion about guns and  do not influence the students with your bias. It is important that they have a strong, rational opinion about gun control.

The job of a teacher is not just to ensure students’ academic growth but to also develop a fair and rational voice within the students by discussing about tough topics.


2 thoughts on “3 raging topics that teachers need to discuss with students!

  1. mochasunshine27

    Ethan Excellent blog piece! These three topics should be discussed in school. The reason one so that as educators we can educate students on the real truth of the matter of each of your topics mentioned. Middle school is a tough age where students are changing and getting to know themselves. Does your school look at cnn student news every day as a current event and discuss topics of what going on in the world all around them? It’s definitely worth using every day to keep students current and involve with current events. Downside to what you mentioned is parents not wanting for teachers to teach their children or discuss the 3 raging topics you mentioned. Another reason some students are emotional disturbed. How can schools and teachers handle teaching students that are emotionally disturbed and discuss these topics? The statement at the end of your blog. very very important and true.

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    1. Thank you sharing your views. It is good to hear that you approve of discussing current events with middle school students. It is important that students are well informed, and more importantly form their opinion free of prejudice and social stigma. As you said, discussing controversial topics might not go down well with parents. So before educators can discuss these topics with students, it is advisable to talk to the parents and make them understand the importance of creating an unbiased, rational voice in students by discussing the current events. The point is that these events impact everyone including students as they learn from what they see and hear in media and society. So it becomes all more important that their mind is not clouded by negative influences. As for the students who might get emotionally disturbed, it is educators responsibility to ensure that the discussion never goes out of hand and turn into a heated argument. A healthy discussion not just keeps emotional disturbance at bay but also provokes rational thinking among the students. And thanks for the CNN student tip, will look into it!


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