My 10 commandments of teaching!

Every teacher has story behind why they want to teach. While many may say it is a noble profession and insist that teachers are architect of a nation’s future, I like to teach because I enjoy it. I have had some amazing teachers when I was growing up and the one thing that I found common in all of them is that they loved what they were doing. 

Just before I accepted the role of a teacher, I decided that there is a need to set a few principles that will guide me to become a good educator. So I came up with 10 commandments of teaching that I must follow at all times. Just to be clear, these commandments are not invented or written by me. These are just basic principles that I intend to follow as a teacher. So here we go:

1) I shall teach and not preach. 

A teacher’s job is not just to tell a student when he/she is wrong but to also rectify the mistake by showing the right way to do things. You can preach about morals or about solving a math problem step by step. But until and unless you walk the talk, and set an example by showing students how it is done, your job as a teacher is incomplete.

2) I shall work towards overall development of students.

A teacher should not just focus on academic advancement of students but should nurture their overall development to become mature individuals. From guiding students to lead a healthy lifestyle to helping them to form views without prejudice, a teacher can play a major role in all round growth of students.

3) I shall be open to learn new things at all times.

A teacher needs to constantly update their teaching style and strategy according to the changing tides in our education system. A teacher should be willing to learn new things and adapt to changes in the field of education so that he/she can effectively teach students. Also, a teacher should be open to learn from his students as kids can teach adults too.

4) I shall be patient and understanding with late bloomers.

A teacher should not lose cool and always help the slow learners as not everyone is gifted with the same grasping power. Each student is different and their learning patterns are different. And the teacher who understands this becomes a wonderful educator.

5) I shall not let my biases to influence my students or my decisions.

A teacher can have their own biases, likes and dislikes on a wide range of topics. But those biases need to kept aside while addressing a classroom filled with students as it can have negative influences on them. Also, a teacher should  not show favoritism towards a particular student or neglect a particular student. A good educator always sees his/her students as equals.

6) I shall address to all the queries of students with a smile.

A good teacher should never get annoyed by students asking questions and should be ready to answer their queries with a welcoming smile. After all, the point of education is to make students think, question and understand the concepts.

7) I shall try to make my lectures fun and interactive.

No one loves a boring lecture. A teacher should try to infuse life into his/her lessons by planning fun  activities and interactive sessions that are both enjoyable and beneficial for students. It is highly important to maintain a fun learning environment in the classroom.

8) I shall be a cool friend and a stern guide to students.

A teacher who knows when to be strict and when to be friendly is a great educator. A teacher must strike a balance of being this cool friend and stern guide to students.

9) I shall be humble at all times. 

Being a teacher is an extremely important and highly noble job. But a good teacher will not let these things get to his/her head and always stay grounded. A humble teacher understands the importance of everyone’s job in an education system and treats everybody with respect.

10) I shall encourage students to become great thinkers.

A teacher should never obstruct students from thinking freely and should provide a platform for them to express their thoughts and opinions. A teacher should encourage critical thinking in students.

I may not follow all the commandments mentioned above at all times, but I try to stick to these principles as much as I can and hope that one day I will become a good teacher.


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