3 movies that inspired me to teach!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when all is lost and future seems bleak. And we look for divine intervention that would nudge us towards the right direction. In my case, this divine intervention came in the form of an inspiration when I stumbled upon an incredible movie that changed my life for the good.

I am talking about the movie Dead Poet’s Society that inspired a whole new generation towards poems, drama and of course teaching.


Late Robin Williams was just fantastic as the unorthodox English teacher driving forward the beautiful message of film that inspired many to seize the day! Memorable lines like Carpe Diem and O Captain My Captain are still stuck in my head pushing me to be a better educator. Dead Poets Society re-introduced me to the beauty of poems and English language, and was one of the many reasons why I chose to be an English teacher.I am sure that the legacy of O Captain My Captain will continue as the film continues to motivate teachers and aspiring educators even till this day.

Once I was captivated by Dead Poets Society, there was no turning back. I started to hunt for similar inspiring teacher films and found a gem of film called Lean on Me.


Playing Crazy Joe, Morgan Freeman as the strict taskmaster principal chews up the scenery and delivers such a moving performance that it is hard not to be inspired from him. Lean On Me addresses issues such as gang violence and drug abuse in students, and puts emphasis on creating a safe learning environment for kids to excel. Every time, I have to become a little tough with my students, I summon my inner Crazy Joe and explain myself that it is necessary to be strict with kids at times for their own good.

To complete the trilogy of my favorite teacher flicks, I have to give special mention to Samuel L Jackson’s Coach Carter.


It was brilliant film that focused on creating the right balance between academics, sports and other extra curricular activities. The amount of concern and efforts taken by basket ball coach Ken Carter will inspire all teachers to work towards overall development of students and not just focus on their specific subjects. Samuel L Jackson as Coach Carter was just the right mix of no-nonsense tough teacher and a caring friend who lends you support when you are down.

There are loads of other good movies about teachers and education, but these movies have stuck with long after the end credits rolled and defined my career as a teacher.



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