What can we learn from Louisiana floods?

Last week we saw shocking pictures of Louisiana drowning under floods caused due to incessant rains and inadequate drainage system. More than 20,000 people had to evacuate their homes and fight to keep their heads above the water quite literally. Experts are considering Louisiana flooding as the worst natural disaster to hit our country after hurricane Sandy.

While I looked at the pictures of people battling against rising water levels, I wondered if climate change has any role to play with the incessant rains that has lashed Louisiana last week. Weather experts Bob Henson and Jeff Masters claimed that,” Climate change has already been shown to increase the amounts of rain falling in the most intense events across many parts of the world, and extreme rainfall events like this week’s Louisiana storm are expected to grow increasingly common in the coming years”.

“Louisiana is always at risk of floods, naturally, but climate change is exacerbating that risk, weighting the dice against us. How long will it be until we finally recognize that the dice are loaded? ” asked Katharine Hayhoe, a climate researcher.

While deniers may still claim that climate change has nothing to do with and claim that global warming essays are just hoax,  I am convinced that climate change is a major threat to our world and our existence. If we don’t act fast to curb climate change, in few hundred years our race might face threat of becoming extinct. So if you don’t wish for human race to be wiped out from the surface of earth like dinosaurs, it is time to acknowledge the climate change threat and talk about ways to control it.

Before we teach our kids and our students about climate change and its adverse effects, we adults i.e. parents, teachers and responsible citizens wrap our heads around the fact that climate change is happening.



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