FlashCards – a fun way to recall and review!


Reading and writing are key to learning any subject and not just English. While reading and rereading help to grasp the topic, writing helps in remembering the concepts better. But before a student sits down to write a test, it is advisable to conduct self review that would test his or her recalling abilities.

And what better tool to test your knowledge (before the actual test) than flashcards. In my school days, flashcards used to be an integral part of my learning process. I would make colorful cue cards with questions or prompt on one side and answers on the other. Be it learning new words to develop my vocabulary or memorizing math formulas, flashcards used to be my tool to review what I have learnt.

Generally, review process can be boring and tiring. That’s why so many students don’t care to self check and review their essays. But, the best thing about flashcards is that it makes the entire recall and review process fun and interesting. I still remember how me and my friends used to play quiz using flashcards by replacing buzzer with knocking on the table.

Flashcards are useful in reviewing what you have learnt and can be used at any stage of your education.

English FlashCards – Great to learn meanings of new words and develop vocabulary. It can also be used to test the grammar rules.

History FlashCards – Useful in linking historical dates to historical events.

Math FlashCards – Useful in learning mathematical formulas and theorems.

Physics FlashCards- Apt for learning different laws of motion, flow, velocity etc.

But, lately, there has been a sudden decline in the usage of flashcards. I accidentally happened to reignite my love for flashcards thanks to an article I stumbled upon recently. While physical flashcards are rare these days, it is heartening to see many flashcard sites like Cram, Study Stack etc. online as I believe kids learn things faster online.

Hopefully the legacy of flashcards continues to be passed upon to next generations.    


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