Reliving beautiful memories with flashcards…

I came across this beautiful article and couldn’t help but sharing it. We all have used flashcards at some point of our childhood. But with technological advancements that came along with time, we have all forgotten how useful flashcards were during our schooling years.

Reading this article brought back many beautiful memories that were made thanks to flashcards.  None of the online flashcard sites like Quizlet, Anki or Cram replace the charm of hand made flashcards 😉

Over the weekend hubby was cleaning out a storage closet when he came across these flashcards. He immediately called my name and handed them to me with a smile. A flood of memories came to mind as I looked at these old, tattered cards. I remember when I bought these flashcards for you MJ. You were […]

via I Remember — NickysdayWithAutism


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