5 Fun Ways to Learn English

I’ve been teaching ESL for a while and one of the things that I noticed about learning English through conventional ways is that it can be tiresome and boring. Though an instructor led English learning session has its advantages, it can turn into a snooze fest if the instructor rigidly follows the traditional teaching methods.  Learning is not just about acquiring knowledge, it is also about having fun. So today, I will tell you 5 simple, inexpensive and fun activities that one can practice to learn English:



Most kids hate reading these days. And our school system should be blamed for making reading a tiring exercise. Apart from the syllabus textbooks, there are so many variety of books out there (ranging from fiction to poetry to non fiction to self help books to graphic novels), that have the power to fascinate kids and make them love the English language. Try reading some popular books of your preferred genre as it will help you develop reading skills, imagination and vocabulary while you fall in love with the world of books. You could try online ebook repositories like Bartleby.com to read books online for free.

Conversing with others


One of the unconventional but most effective ways of mastering spoken English is by conversing in English with other people. Talking to friends or siblings is something which we all love to do. So while you bond over with your loved ones with candid conversations, why not use the opportunity to converse in English. It is a proven fact that people who talk constantly talk in English, learn the art of spoken English faster than the others. It is okay if your English speaking skills are poor, as you can learn only when you make mistakes. Speaking to people in English without giving a damn about the flaws in your speech makes you an ideal learner of spoken English.

Watching movies

Who doesn’t love watching movies? Hollywood movies have reached every nook and corner of the world with people watching the movie through the help of subtitles in their native language. If you want to learn English by watching movies, then the first thing you need to do is turn off the subtitles and closely observe the dialogues in the movie. It will not only help you understand the meaning of words spoken but will also help you in perfecting your pronunciation.

Listening music


Just like watching movies, the fun experience of listening to music can be turned into an English learning exercise. With so many internet sites giving you a breakdown on lyrics and explaining the context of the song, it can be a great way to new words and phrases to your vocabulary.

Playing scrabble


One of my favorite games to learn new words and test English knowledge is Scrabble. It is not only a fun, competitive game but it is also a platform to sharpen you vocabulary.

These are some very basic but fun ways to learn English that I’ve tried and tested. Let me know if there are any other fun methods to learn the beautiful language of English.



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