Teacher Craziness — The Class Jester

An interesting post on how teachers can sometimes try to push their own ideologies into minds of their students.

Have you ever had some teachers with some outlandish ideas? Maybe they want you to do homework or think that we should “take care of personal hygiene.” Some teachers, however, push just a little too hard with their worldviews. The problem is when some teachers decide to tell us a little too much information […]

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How to Create a Positive Classroom Experience for ELLs

English language learners (ELLs) are a special and unique population of students with individual needs. Every ELL is different; different native languages, backgrounds, and cultures. Most importantly it’s essential to note early on that every ELL learns English at their own rate and performs at their own language level. There is a common misconception that […]

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Depression Is Not The End But Makes You Stronger

This sounds insane, right? Depression makes you stronger! How in the world does this make any sense? I must be out of my mind.

I know how it feels when someone says “everything happens for good”. It sucks.

It sucks.

If I had read this title 3 years ago, I’d have felt the same way. But if you could hold up your head for the next ten minutes and even if one person feels better after reading this, no one would be happier than me.

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