How Urban Dictionary and Slang have impacted Modern English?

Change is the only constant in the world.

Over the period of time, the English language has undergone so many changes and it will continue to change in the future. The English language of Shakespearean era transformed into a simpler form in 20th century. You don’t hear words like thy, thou, thee etc. anymore.

The turn of the 21st century has brought major changes to English language with the advent of acronyms. slang and urban dictionary. Lol, Lmao, LIT AF, Dab are now words that the teens use in every day life. Texting language has contributed a lot to Modern English, and it is high time we stop ignoring its impact on English Language. While it is debatable if this change is good or bad, we need to accept that the change is happening and it is here to stay.

Read my latest blog to know how slang and urban dictionary are impacting English:


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