What Being an Editor Taught Me About Writing — via Literary Hub

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m an aspiring writer, and I’ve been working on my book for a couple of years now between teaching and learning more about edtech.

Here’s a great blog post I came across that’s written by an editor-turned-writer. It presents some unique tips for writers, and I found it quite valuable. Here’s an interesting snippet:

Writing is Revision
This won’t come as news to anyone, but I can’t stress it enough. The first draft is important, because you are working out the ideas and the plot on the page, and getting that first draft finished is an accomplishment, but what really matters is how many times you are willing to revise that draft. In my mind, this is where the role of hard work—as opposed to God-given talent—comes in. Some people are preternaturally gifted and can dash off a beautiful paragraph with no effort, but they aren’t necessarily the ones who are willing to revise, and revise again, and revise again, until their computer desktop is so cluttered with different drafts that the background is no longer visible.

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