Fund or Fail: The Fear of a Doctoral Student- via Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture

Funding forms the pivot of much work that takes place in the doctoral realm. The security of funding is not only for the work to actualize, but for the very sustenance of a student who is pursuing the study of a particular topic. Additionally, in terms of ethical conduct, it is important that the student discloses her funding sources, especially when it might dictate the result or conclusion of the student’s work.

What would it mean for those pursuing minorities studies at a time when public funding is on the decrease?

Moreover, my research interests lay in exploring various social identities and the strengths and oppression that come with them. When one considers that many of the available funding dollars are held by systems that are implicated in, or have benefited from, the systemic oppression called out by such research, a creative imagination is not necessary to see how funds might be harder to come by.

Read a personal account by Kahlil C. DuPerry here to understand the conundrum of working with limited funds and the ethical dilemmas surrounding various sources of funding.

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