Reinventing Personal Development with Growth Mindset


This is a guest post by Gabriella Lawson, Teacher Developer for Monash College English Language Centre. Gaby is responsible for helping to develop teachers’ classroom delivery through designing and running professional development and observing and feeding back on teaching practice. Our main focus is always on teaching and helping our students, so it is sometimes easy to […]

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Is It Time To Bid Farewell To Essay Writing As An Assessment Tool?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the state of essay writing in our school curriculum. Essays have been one of the traditional assessment tools for many years now. But there has been a steady decline in students’ interest when it comes to writing essays. With more and more emphasis on ed-tech and new-age learning techniques, some educators might feel that essays as an assessment tool are becoming obsolete. Continue reading “Is It Time To Bid Farewell To Essay Writing As An Assessment Tool?”

Back to School: 10 activities to start the year on a positive note!

Come September, lives of teachers, students and parents become extremely busy. The start of a new school year is usually marked by hectic schedules, last-minute preps, and a general effort to get back to routine after summer holidays. While students are still settling into a new academic year, there are a few things that teachers can do to make school fun and easy for both students and themselves. I recently read this fantastic piece about activities that teachers could indulge in to start the year on a positive note. Sharing the link to the article below. Please do give it a read!


This list comes out a bit late, but you are a teacher – you know how the first school days in September look like. I am happy that I finally caught my breath and found a couple of minutes to sit down and put together these activities. To be honest, I’m doing it for myself […]

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