How teachers can help in development of critical thinking in students?

I have always been a staunch supporter of all round development of students. Besides academics and bookish knowledge, a whole bunch of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, arts etc can help in shaping a student’s personality.

But, if you ask me, the one thing which has huge impact on a student’s personality is his/her ability to make decisions based on critical thinking. After all, actions under taken on the basis or lack of clear logical thinking affect our lives in the long run. So it is extremely necessary to cultivate the habit of critical thinking in kids from a young age. Today, I will share with you a few steps that can help teaching fraternity to imbibe rational thinking in students’ psyche.
Ask questions

The classical style of teaching tells us educators to explain a lesson and then clarify the doubts of students. But, a bit of role reversal from time to time can do a whole lot of difference to a student’s mindset. Before you start teaching a topic, ask questions to your students that would make them think and come up with explanations of their own. The agenda behind this exercise is to cultivate critical thinking in kids and help them discover the power of their own minds.

Encourage students to find real life examples

Every time you are teaching a new topic, encourage your students to connect it with a real life scenario. Initially, you give some real life examples and ask them to come up with more. This way, the kids will not only learn the topic well but will also learn how to draw parallels in life by the power of critical thinking.

Assign Argumentative Essays

Debates and argumentative essays are great ways to make kids think logically. Personally, I prefer argumentative essays over debates as it not just helps in developing critical thinking, but also aids in cultivating writing skills. By assigning argumentative essays on a whole range of topics, you are forcing the students to take a side by thinking critically and thus helping them in making logical decisions in real life as well.

Conduct group activities

Never underestimate the power of group learning. Every now and then, come up with group activities that would not only teach your students how to be team players, but also let them deal with varied views and difference of opinions. Listening to other’s opinions and then applying logical thinking can help a great deal in building a kid’s future.


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