How to encourage ESL students to speak in English?

“Who would like to talk about their day today,” I asked expectantly. But, sadly, no one volunteered to speak out loud in English. This was a regular scenario in my classroom until a year ago. Most of my students find it easy to express their thoughts in English through writing. But when it came to speaking, there was an inherent fear of verbally butchering the language. As an English teacher, we all know that the point of speaking exercises is not to judge the student’s capabilities as an English speaker but to give them the confidence to express their thoughts and ideas freely in a language that they are not yet comfortable. But the truth is that most ESL students think twice before conversing in English.
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These are some really useful tips to improve student engagement in your online English classroom. Essential read for the times that we live in!


everyone and welcome back 🙂 As an online English teacher, your classroom is very small. The students can only see your face, hand gestures and the wall behind you. So, use these to your advantage! I have taught English online for 6 and a half months now and I use the following techniques to keep […]

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