Post-Pandemic Learning Strategies

The educational vista has transformed so dramatically since the pandemic began, and now, we are all facing change yet again. We are gingerly stepping back into classrooms. While I have certainly enjoyed some aspects of at-home learning and teaching, which has not been an entirely novel experience for me even before the pandemic began, I am eager to step back into the real world, even if cautiously.

Having spent a lot of time thinking about how the pandemic has changed teaching and learning, I have often wandered off into thoughts about the possibilities of new strategies that can help learners adapt to various learning situations. Some of these are aptly discussed in this article, which I found to be an interesting read.

The return to classrooms in fall 2021 will once again be to a school year unlike any other. Education in New Jersey — and around the world — has changed through COVID-19. And while we have faced challenges that at times felt insurmountable, as educators we’ve found ways to persevere. Along the way, we’ve discovered new approaches that may better meet the needs of students, families and teachers. The question before us now is: Which of these approaches will we carry forward even past the pandemic?

Op-Ed: New educational strategies that will outlast the pandemic

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