Things To Learn From Teaching Mistakes

Today, I was observed by teachers in the first year of their training. The lesson they observed was a ‘research’ based lesson on the planets as part of our Space topic. I ambitiously planned for this to be a two step process: my pupils were to come up with their own questions about their planet […]

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The Dynamics of Teacher Burn Out

“You get a 3 month paid vacation. Why are you complaining?” This phrase. A teacher’s nemesis. The phrase we hear from strangers, politicians, or read online. We hear it from those who have not stepped foot into a classroom since the day they threw their cap in the air proclaim this phrase, not knowing the […]

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The Power Of Storytelling And How It Can Empower Your Students

You can also check out the post on using digital storytelling to empower your students’ voices. The Power of Storytelling After watching that video you may be feeling several things, not the least of which may be confusion. What was the point of that? Hopefully, if the title of this post hasn’t already revealed it, […]

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Essay Writing Tips for ESL Students

The following is the outline of a lesson plan for essay writing which I used with an advanced group of ESL students. It could be adapted for any level. ESSAY WRITING Discussion What justifies good writing style in a second language? Correct spelling Transitions between paragraphs-link Correct vocabulary and context Plan writing which provides direction […]

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How to Make Language Class Engaging for Students

One thing I’m working on this year is making the boring learning exercises more fun. In a language class, it’s important to practice literacy. Students need to practice reading and writing in order but build vocabulary and practice grammatical structures. This used to mean reading a paragraph from the textbook or writing a paragraph on […]

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