5 things to consider before making Edtech purchases

Edtech is a multi-billion dollar business. Edtech purchases have increased 5 times over the past five years. However, are these purchases actually doing students any good where it counts? Are they actually benefitting students in the classroom? As a technology in schools advocate, I urge all educators to carefully research and purchase devices and programs […]

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How Social Media can affect your College Application

We’ve heard that social media can affect a person’s employment status…potential employers do background checks and find questionable content on the internet. But how about it affecting a student trying to get into college? Surveys show college admissions officers looking at a student’s character as one important component for a qualified candidate, and what better […]

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Critiques of Groupwork in ESL Classrooms — educational research techniques

Many ESL teachers adhere to the principles of Communicative Language Teaching which includes such characteristics as cooperative language learning and groupwork. However, not everyone has embraced the emphasis on groupwork in modern language classrooms. This post will explain some of the common objectives to groupwork in order to inform language teachers as to what concerns some have […]

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What to tell your kids when they are bullied! — iauthor, iteach, iparent, iwrite

My nephew was recently picked on and called names that hurt his feelings and he cried. He is 8 years old. His mom posts reads: Breaks my heart when kids pick on my son. He is such a sensitive boy and words do hurt. Bless his heart, he told me (with big crocodile tears in […]

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