How to teach about money to kids

When counseling people on how to live on a budget, I often find that they don’t even know how to start a budget. This isn’t taught in most schools, and unfortunately a lot of families don’t incorporate this type of teaching when raising their kids. Teaching our kids how to be responsible with money should […]

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10 things teachers didn’t face 10 years ago

A California high school teacher named Jeremy S. Adams listed 10 things that teachers face now that they didn’t have to face 10 years ago: #1: The Inability to Punish Students: This is a story in modern education that is big and is about to get much bigger. A hodge-podge of policies and euphemisms—restorative justice, […]

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Head, Heart, and Hand at the right place…

I first saw the ‘head, heart, hand’ approach used when I was a student. At the time it was mostly used in relation to developing ecoliteracy and to encourage people to make ecologically sustainable choices. It has re-emerged in a number of guises since then, in forest school, in mindfulness and as a way to […]

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How to conduct different group discussions in the classroom

The following outlines various techniques I use when teaching to enhance or change discussion-based activities. I’ll update it as necessary. I’ve had a number of students say they enjoy my classes in part because they never know what we’ll be doing that day! 1. Bring out the maps. Have students draw maps and discuss their […]

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A Teacher’s Guide To Engage Students Without Making Offensive Comments

Sitting at your desk in the classroom which is kept at a perpetual constant temperature, you find yourself taking in the words of your superior. The teacher is rambling on about the lesson, trying to get his point across. Sensing that he is losing his audience whose attention spans are short enough already, he attempts […]

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How ESL Students Can Ace College Admission Essays

College admissions essays succeed when they tell the student’s unique story. Unlike the much more technically oriented academic paper, the admissions essay is more along the lines of the personal-essay genre than the five paragraph essay. Rather than an introduction, thesis, supporting paragraphs, evidence citations, and a summation, the college essay relies on the expression […]

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