Assess and Engage: Creating Enriching Learning Experiences

Assessments are an intrinsic part of our education system, and are one of the determining factors of progress. They impact multiple stakeholders. They affect the school, the curriculum, and the policies that consider these scores to measure programs. Continue reading “Assess and Engage: Creating Enriching Learning Experiences”


5 easy steps to start thinking in your target language — The Americanoid Blog

Quite often I come across students who say they have been studying English for ages but they still can’t think in English. They spend precious time translating the word or phrase they’re trying to say. They feel discouraged and frustrated with this lack of performance. A couple of weeks ago I came across these very […]

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Teaching Grammar through Extensive Reading…

Originally posted on Oxford University Press: Nigel A. Caplan, PhD, is an associate professor at the University of Delaware English Language Institute in the United States and the co-author of Q: Skills for Success and Inside Writing. In this post he provides some useful tips for teaching grammar skills through your reading program. We often…

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Comic strip in ASL classroom…

Comic strips are powerful conversational tools that can be used in the classroom at all language levels. Comic strips are short conversations that don’t need sophisticated vocabulary skills to understand or talk about the content. Comic strips are an authentic resource that can be used to motivate the reluctant student or entice the visual learner. […]

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5 Challenges of Being an Online ESL Tutor

At the turn of the 21st century, most educators would have scoffed at the idea of online education taking over the conventional classroom. Driven by the Ed Tech revolution and other technological advancements in the field of communication, we are rapidly progressing towards an era where online education will be considered at par with, if not superior than, the traditional education system. Continue reading “5 Challenges of Being an Online ESL Tutor”

Why be just a teacher when you can be a performer?

Often times, students love their teachers while others dislike them. Why is that? Why is it that some teachers make us learn and love a subject while others send us to sleep? When you first start teaching children English through theatre, it is important what you teach them as it is equally important how you […]

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